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Yarn – Jan-Feb 2024

24-Yarn_0102-JanFeb So, we’re into 2024 already, and The Yarn is right there, along for the ride with you.

The January-February edition is available now, and here is the Editorial to get you started:

Happy new year, Yarn readers! And it’s not just a new year, it’s also the Club’s 75th! That’s quite an achievement for a little outpost here in the middle of North America, eh?! Talk about the “Aussie/Kiwi battler” – the DUCW exemplifies just such a character. And this little Southern Yarn gazette plays a not so insignificant part in the battle to stay alive and relevant ‘midst the constant bombardment of alt-media’s missiles, mortar and manipulations.

So, if you value these 8 pages in your inbox or mailbox every couple of months, please heed Catherine’s renewal reminder (p.1). Where else does one find such concise and concentrated downunder content? This edition, again, is a typical example – there’s Club and member news, book reviews, bird views, OZ and NZ news – you choose.

Since there likely would not be a DUCW if it weren’t for the BCATP, it gets another prominent mention (p.6). The humble but joyful little canary gets the honour of first bird “viewed” this year (p.8).

Huge thanks again to Jenny, Peter, Judy, Catherine, advertisers, Brian, et al.

ANZAC 100 photos

ANZAC Day Centenary 2015Our ANZAC Day centenary event on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 was both well attended and well received. Here are some photos from the day.


A rare event near Uluru [thanks to Jenny Gates]

An astonished film maker is coming to grips with the moment he witnessed one of nature’s rarest phenomenons – a tornado comprised entirely of fire – and lived to tell the tale. Chris Tangey had been out in Alice Springs, Australia, scouting locations for a new movie. After finishing the task, he went over to help workers at a cattle station when he was confronted by one of nature’s most intimidating spectacles. Continue reading

Feature your photos!

Gum (Eucalypt tree) leaf. - Photo: Brian Hydesmith

Gum (Eucalypt tree) leaf. – Photo: Brian Hydesmith

As we get this web site up and running, we are seeking photos from members’ own collections which feature typical and iconic scenes from New Zealand and Australia. The images will be cropped to fit the wide, panorama style you see at the top of the pages, so preference will be given to ones that still look good when cropped this way.

Continue reading