Key contacts

In addition to the Key players within our club, there are important contacts outside our immediate club that are relevant to our membership.

Australian Consulate-General and Trade Commission Ottawa

50 O’Connor Street, Suite 710, Ottawa ON K1P 6L2
phone: 1-613-236-0841 • fax: 1-613-236-4376

Australian Consulate and Trade Commission Vancouver

Suite 2050 – 1070 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6E 3C9
phone: 1-604-684-1177 • fax: 1-604-684-1856

New Zealand High Commission

Ste. 727, 99 Bank Street, Ottawa ON K1P 6G3
phone: 1-613-238-5991 • fax: 1-613-238-5707 • email:

New Zealand Consulate

Suite 1200, 888 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver BC, V6C 3K4
Phone: 1-604-684-7388 • Fax: 1-604-684-7333

We used to maintain a more extensive directory of Down Under related contacts and web sites but now feel the power of web search engines will provide you with more relevant and current results targeted to your query. Please contact us if anything on this page needs updating.

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