Key players

Peter Munn

President – Peter Munn

The Down Under Club of Winnipeg is run entirely through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

Our Executive for 2020

  • President — Peter Munn — A
  • Vice President — Terry Roberts — NZ
  • Secretary — Margaret Munn — C
  • Treasurer — Peter Debenham — A
  • Newsletter Editor — Charlie Powell — A
  • Membership — Catherine Bowering — C
  • Social Coordinators — Judy Powell – A, with assistance from Penny Hechter – NZ, and Lucia Barron – NZ
  • Past President — Terry Roberts — NZ

Media enquiries: Media and Communications: Jenny Gates – A

Our newsletter – The Southern Yarn

The Southern Yarn is the newsletter of the Down Under Club. It is compiled monthly and either emailed or mailed to members. Both the newsletter and the website are maintained by volunteers who manage the publication, submit articles and various other columns and contributions.

This website

We just launched this web site in early 2013, which is a complete replacement of the previous website design. Both were designed by DUCW member Brian Hydesmith. While the old one served us admirably for quite a few few years, this one represents a major step forward in its ability to connect to social media, provide post-based blogging and create a way for all members to get involved in the content.

The long term goal will be for this site to continue to adapt to the needs of the club membership and provide the information we want to share, in an efficient way.

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