Southern Yarn March 2024

Southern Yarn, March-April 2024

When we commemorate ANZAC Day this year (Saturday, April 27, at the Scandinavian Cultural Center) it will mark the start of the Down Under Club’s 75 year anniversary – see Jenny’s article on this milestone (p. 6). Jenny is mining the archives and will bring further installments of DUCW history in future Yarns.

In the hallway behind the front atrium in the St Boniface Hospital (Winnipeg), a wall of fame features photos and supporting citations of recipients of the International Award presented by the St Boniface General Hospital Research Foundation. Established in 1976, the Award honours individuals who have made, through their genius, talent and energy, an outstanding contribution to health care and the community. Among others, people such as Dr. Jonas Salk, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Dr. Andrei Sakharov, Sir Bob Geldof, Dr. Donall Thomas and Jose Carreras have been honoured – and also, Edmund Hillary (see p. 4).

Following the lead of my two older brothers, I participated in the Australian Army Cadets movement during my four years at high school. It was a rewarding experience, which I may relate in greater detail at another time. For any readers who shared the experience – here’s a quiz question: what weapon comes to mind when I recite “piston, barrel, butt, body, bipod”? (remember those relay races?). So, I have included some history of the AAC on p.7.

Thanks to all who thought to share something of interest to others – for example, Chris, who alerted us to the Tasmania Islands; the Debenhams, for sharing their travel adventure; Lucia, who shared photos from her rendezvous with the Cobbs; Emma, who shared the Aussie Chocolate Slice recipe; Michael, for the first article in his series about the AFL; Frank, for the article on the SS Warrimoo; and Vilma and Jada for their feedback. Honorable mention also to Jenny, Peter and Brian and our faithful advertisers. All this and so much more!

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