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Yarn July August 2024

The Southern Yarn for July-August 2024

24-Yarn_0708-JulyAug The Southern Yarn for July August is complete and posted here for your enjoyment. 

Here is the editorial to get you started:

I’m a bit too old and unfit for cricket these days, but there was a time when I, along with other younger and fitter fellow DUCW members, played and enjoyed the game at a competitive level. In the winter we played (and won the championship) indoors (with a tennis ball) and in the summer we played at Assiniboine Park. We had to stake out the boundary and peg a large mat down for the pitch. So, it is good to learn that an upgrade is in the works (see p.5) since there are now so many new Canadians, particularly from South Asia, who also want to continue enjoying their traditional sport.

With the Paris Olympics about to start, we will no doubt soon be cheering on and celebrating new heroes. Australia’s and New Zealand’s first Olympians get a mention on p. 4.

There is also more of our Club history (see p.6), thanks to Jenny Gates and our bird this month is the oriole. Thanks again to all our sponsors, contributors and advertisers.


The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer

Manitoba Theatre for Young People is digitally staging a performance of this award-winning Australian production from now until October 24.

“The seas have risen, billions have died and those who are left live on farms atop skyscrapers, atop mountains. The scientists have tried everything. Floating islands sank, space probes found nothing, and the giant sponges, visible from the moon, are now rotting icons of failure.”

The play explores the unknown and the magic that exists deep in the oceans. Watch the trailer and then book a stream of The Last Great Hunt’s The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer today and enjoy the magic in your home.

Tickets are only $15, available at MTYP or by calling 204-942-8898.

Yarn 2020 Feb-Mar

Yarn 2020 February / March

The Southern Yarn’s February March issue is available as a PDF for download right now!

Why wait for the yellow paper version in the post, when you can get it now, in glorious colour, with live links as well! Check it out.

And how about all those past issues? Get them on the Yarn’s own webpage.

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