Yarn 2020 Feb-Mar

Yarn 2020 February / March

The Southern Yarn’s February March issue is available as a PDF for download right now!

Why wait for the yellow paper version in the post, when you can get it now, in glorious colour, with live links as well! Check it out.

And how about all those past issues? Get them on the Yarn’s own webpage.

Here’s the editorial of this issue to get you started:

Well, there’s movement at the station … our DUCW is mobilized at many levels to make the Feb 22 fundraiser a success. (One member commented that it reminded him of when we used to plan for our Folklorama pavilion.) Generous donations and silent auction prizes are coming in, tickets are being sold and members and friends are signing up to volunteer. Winnipeggers are moved to support our efforts by the news coverage and the knowledge that Manitoban Firefighters have been helping downunder.

Nine years ago when Christchurch was rocked and partly wrecked by earthquakes that also claimed lives, we similarly reacted and were well supported. It’s natural – many still consider Australia or New Zealand as “home”. So there is strong motivation to do what we can.

Of course, while our focus is the bushfire appeal, we acknowledge that nature is also hitting hard in many other regions and affecting thousands of lives. To name a few:

  • at least 77 people were killed and 94 injured in northeast Pakistan after a series of avalanches, triggered by heavy snowfall, destroyed and buried houses;
  • the Taal volcano in the Philippines has displaced 450,000 people;
  • floods and landslides caused by very extreme monsoon storms have killed more than 50 in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, and displaced 175,000;
  • the coronavirus has killed hundreds and infected thousands in China, and is spreading.

A big Thank You to our advertisers, our contributors and you, our readers!

– Charlie

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