Hudson the polar bear

Hudson2All About Hudson the polar bear

  • Birth Date: October 11, 2011
  • Age: 16 months old
  • Weight: 410 pounds (January 2013)
  • Parents: Hudson’s mother Aurora resides at the Toronto Zoo. His father, Inukshuk, visits the Toronto Zoo for breeding purposes.
  • Diet: Hudson’s diet includes jumbo smelt and herring, carrots, Vitamin E and Thiamine supplements.
  • Nickname: At the Toronto Zoo, Hudson was known as “The Ham”. He could be found gallivanting around his enclosure and entertaining Zoo guests with his hilarious antics. He loves to be the centre of attention.

Introducing Hudson…

G’day all, Even though the weather is the coldest it’s been so far, it didn’t stop Assiniboine Park Zoo from giving a warm welcome to Hudson, a 16-month-old polar bear.

Born at the Toronto Zoo in October 2011, Hudson was the only surviving cub in a litter of three and was closely monitored and cared for around the clock by Toronto Zoo veterinary staff for the first three months of his life.

Assiniboine Park Zoo logoThe move to the Assiniboine Park Zoo marks the next step in Hudson’s life as he continues to mature into an adult male bear. This is so exciting for all of us at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and a big step forward in the Zoo’s polar bear program.

IPBCC logoThe International Polar Bear Conservation Centre (IPBCC) will be Hudson’s temporary home for the next 16 to 18 months until the completion of the Journey to Churchill exhibit in 2014. The outdoor enclosure at the IPBCC has been renovated to specifically accommodate polar bears and is three times its original size. A key component of the new 10-acre Journey to Churchill exhibit currently under construction, the IPBCC supports and facilitates research efforts that contribute to environmental and wildlife education and the conservation of polar bears and other Arctic species.

As Hudson nears the age of maturity, the hope is that he will be paired with a female and contribute to the Species Survival Plan (SSP) breeding program. Assiniboine Park Zoo has had a long history of conservation initiatives and participation in the SSP and currently has several species that are part of this program. With so much happening at the Zoo, now is a great time to come and meet Hudson.

Come say G’day and watch him play in mid February! Also keep an eye out for a bit of an Aussie touch at the Zoo this summer.

Tim Sinclair-Smith
Director, Zoological Operations,
Assiniboine Park Zoo
(and member of the DUCW)

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