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Gum (Eucalypt tree) leaf. - Photo: Brian Hydesmith

Gum (Eucalypt tree) leaf. – Photo: Brian Hydesmith

As we get this web site up and running, we are seeking photos from members’ own collections which feature typical and iconic scenes from New Zealand and Australia. The images will be cropped to fit the wide, panorama style you see at the top of the pages, so preference will be given to ones that still look good when cropped this way.

Be sure that any identifiable people that might be in the photo are OK with the image being on our site. The images show up randomly at the top of each page, so you’ll rarely see the same image on the same page twice, especially as we keep adding more images to the collection. We will probably also create a gallery of the images elsewhere, in case someone wants to find a specific image. We cannot assure you that these images will not be liberated by others, but we are not providing any assistance in them doing so.

So far, most of the images are from Australian DUCW member and photographer Brian Hydesmith’s own photos, and since Brian has not yet received any offers to send him to New Zealand, there is a noticeable deficit of photos from that country. So we will focus (ahem) on gathering photos from our Kiwi members.

Photos from Manitoba, especially ones that somehow include a Down Under clue or two (maybe a kangaroo in the snow at our local zoo?) would be really great, too.

Each image must be at least 1000 pixels wide (we’ll be cropping them to 1000 x 300 pixels, in case you want to do that part, too), and be accompanied by a caption with the following information :

  • Location it was taken (give more detail than just Australia or New Zealand)
  • Photographer
  • Option: include the date (at least the year) and a brief description (keep it to 10 words or fewer)

We look forward to receiving new images with the above details.

2 thoughts on “Feature your photos!

    1. Brian Post author

      Yes, most of the Australian photos in the headers were from our last visit there. I will dig a little deeper to explore some of the other ones. Choosing ones that look good when cropped like this can be a bit of a challenge, but fortunately Australia and New Zealand have plenty of beach scenes, so we might use some of those. They usually crop well into wide horizontals!

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