“The Aussie Firefighters”

Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

Kudos to DUCW member Charlie Powell for penning and posting this ode to the Aussie firefighters currently battling the blazes in Australia.

Although some rain has fallen – a gift from Mother Nature on Christmas Day, perhaps? – the fires are not out yet, and the firefighters still need your help.

If you would like to donate, The Guardian has provided a list of the best ways to contribute to the firefighting and recovery effort.

Good on ya, Charlie!

The Aussie Firefighters (to the tune: Lili Marlene)

Here’s to the men and women battling ev’ry blaze
Haven’t slept at home in over 40 days
Can’t think of quitting, can’t turn their backs,
Can’t see an end, and can’t relax –
They are the Firefighters down in Australia.

There’s graziers and farmers and the city folk
Can’t tell the difff’rence peering thru this smoke
They-just-want-to-keep the fires at bay,
and so we pray it’ll rain one day –
They are the Firefighters down in Australia.

And Mates have come to join them from way across the pond
Kiwis and Canadians – they’ve struck up quite a bond
They’ll fight together, beat this thing
While embers sting, we all can sing –
They are the Firefighters down in Australia.

Sunsets look so pretty, don’t they through the haze
But not so very pleasant when breathing it for days
Can’t get no respite, this flamin’ thief!
There’s no relief, so says their Chief.
They are the Firefighters down in Australia.

While you enjoy your beaches and frolic in the surf
Or hit that little golfball and chase it ‘cross the turf
At shopping mall or tennis court
Please spare a thought, don’t leave them short.
They are the Firefighters down in Australia.

All across the country, from Brisbane ‘round to Perth
Never seen the likes of it anywhere on Earth!
Climate change or just a phase – quite the big debate
Please just donate* and help your mate!
They are the Firefighters down in Australia.

Charlie – in Winnipeg – December 21, 2019

Yarn Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

The December-January edition of The Southern Yarn bridges the start of a new decade as we enter 2020. We’ve got reports on the not-so-formal dinner, the AGM, the Christmas party, and other club events, Give it a read, and we look forward to seeing you all next year. 

And here are some photos from the Christmas party that we could not fit into the Yarn.

Enjoy the photos.

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Yarn for October-November

Yarn 2019 – October November

The Yarn is out for October November. Please read it all!

Here is the Editorial, to get you started:

Since we decided to cut back to just every two months for this newsletter, you may have noticed that it is 8 pages now instead of 6. This is good for getting more news and stories to you, the readers. It also means more opportunity for you to send in news, short stories, photos, etc. As editor, I am always grateful for any such contributions! In this edition Jenny Gates shares her experiences from her recent visit back “home” (see “Getting to know”, p. 6). My sister in Brisbane also sent me a “Birds I view” piece which I’ll save until next issue. I already had Grackles written up (p. 8) and you can’t really talk about them in December/January – they’re long-gone! Whereas birds in Australia are pretty much everywhere all the time. Other Club members or family or friends often send me links to news bites that they think will interest others – very thoughtful – thanks. I like searching for interesting historical stuff for “100 years ago…”. In this edition there is one of them, and also a “200 years ago …”. I could have even included a “150 years ago …” since this month is the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth (and almost 70 years since his assassination) – a life that speaks to some of the ignorant intolerance still being preached today. Thanks as always to our advertisers and other regular contributors.

Enjoy, Charlie

It’s Almost Time for the AFL Finals

Calling all fans of the AFL. The Winnipeg Bears is hosting the 5th Annual Grand Final Night Winnipeg at Boston Pizza Henderson, 1475 Henderson Hwy, on Friday September 27.

The event gets underway around 9:30 pm and will go until 2:00 am.

The Aussie Rules football grand final is the biggest event on the Australian Sporting Calendar, and will be broadcast live from Melbourne.

Our venue for the night will have the large projector screen going, with all the pre-game live music, and a rousing rendition of the Australian national anthem. Can we top last year’s effort?!?!

And not only is it fishbowl Friday, but we can double dip with the Bombers Home game being played earlier in the night!

Get excited, and see you at BP Henderson!

Texas Scramble golf tournament – Saturday August 24 2019

at The Players, 2695 Inkster Blvd.

Attention all DUCW members who have ever played golf. On Saturday August 24, we are having a different golf day than usual.  Our small, friendly tournament will be based on “Texas Scramble” rules, where every group is a team, and everyone in the group plays every shot, but from the position where the best ball of the group has landed.   So if you don’t make your best shot, just pick up your ball and walk over and shoot from where the best shot of the group landed.  No stress, all fun, and you are part of a team. To make the game as even as possible, we will allocate the teams based on everyone’s skill level, with the aim of having an even amount of different skill levels on each team. with no team being “stacked”. This Texas scramble will be for 9 holes, starting at 1pm at Shooters just off Inkster Boulevard, 1/2km west of Route 90, official address is 2695 Park Royale Way. Some folks like to play 18 holes, so there will be a stroke play mini tournament available prior to the Texas Scramble, starting at 11am.  Please call early, to let me know your intentions. – Peter Munn 204 237-1805. Continue reading