The Southern Yarn August/September, 2021

Yarn Aug/Sept 2021

The August/September issue of The Southern Yarn is available for download. 

Here’s Charlie’s editorial to get you started:

Well, the severe drought foreshadowed by last winter’s minimal delivery of snow is now manifesting itself big time in the form of wildfires. The inconvenience of smoke in our air is nothing compared to the sad ordeal of having to leave one’s home and belongings to the mercy of the wind and flame. When it last struck Australia in 2019-2020, Canadian firefighters were quick to respond. Now, Aussie counterparts are deployed to help contain the blazes in Northwest Ontario. 

You never know where you will find a downunder connection. While browsing a thrift store in Arborg, rural MB, a children’s storybook with a very birdie cover (see below) caught our eye. Looking closer, the author, Mollie Miller Atkinson, was a New Zealander. A little research led to the following information: In 1936 Mollie Miller Atkinson married Hal Atkinson, a nephew of Harry Atkinson’s son, Alfred Charles Atkinson. She presumably met him through the artist Dorothy Richmond while she was living in Wellington. Mollie was involved in the Arts and Crafts movement in New Zealand. Initially practicing metal work, she turned her attention to painting and writing after she became ill with tuberculosis. [link] And that led to another little piece of NZ history concerning four-time Premier of New Zealand, (Sir) Harry Atkinson which you can read under “Hurworth” in NZNews, p.5. Interesting trivia, eh?

Well, with so little Club activity to talk about, due to COVID, we do our best. Thank you to Jenny and Brian for their assistance again with this issue, and to Peter, Ed, Malcolm, Mario and Judy for contributions. Please take note of our advertiser sponsors and support them where possible. Enjoy,

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