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lamingtonsWanna get Anzac biscuits in Winnipeg? High Tea Bakery will be making them for this ANZAC Day – $9.50 doz. And they are delicious!

You will need to pre-order because this is a special bake for a special day.

BTW, they also make scrumptious lamingtons!

And next time you’re out and about, be sure to drop in to have a cuppa, a bikkie, and to check out their newly renovated store at 2103 Portage Ave. Simply spectacular!

Gallipoli Facts: Lt. Gen. Birdwood, swimmer


Lieutenant General Sir William Birdwood, the commander of the Anzac Corps, swimming in the nude at Anzac Cove. Birdwood’s headquarters were in Anzac Gully directly in the hills behind Anzac Cove and ‘Birdie’ regularly went for a swim amongst the other soldiers. This photo appeared in the Australian press and led to an increase in Birdwood’s parcel mail from that country. The story goes that when he excitedly opened these parcels anticipating perhaps a cake or chocolates instead they contained bathing trunks from shocked readers! [AWM G00401, more online]

Read more on Birdwood in the April issue of The Southern Yarn.

ANZAC 100 photos

ANZAC Day Centenary 2015Our ANZAC Day centenary event on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 was both well attended and well received. Here are some photos from the day.