Texas Scramble golf tournament – Saturday August 24 2019

at The Players, 2695 Inkster Blvd.

Attention all DUCW members who have ever played golf. On Saturday August 24, we are having a different golf day than usual.  Our small, friendly tournament will be based on “Texas Scramble” rules, where every group is a team, and everyone in the group plays every shot, but from the position where the best ball of the group has landed.   So if you don’t make your best shot, just pick up your ball and walk over and shoot from where the best shot of the group landed.  No stress, all fun, and you are part of a team. To make the game as even as possible, we will allocate the teams based on everyone’s skill level, with the aim of having an even amount of different skill levels on each team. with no team being “stacked”. This Texas scramble will be for 9 holes, starting at 1pm at Shooters just off Inkster Boulevard, 1/2km west of Route 90, official address is 2695 Park Royale Way. Some folks like to play 18 holes, so there will be a stroke play mini tournament available prior to the Texas Scramble, starting at 11am.  Please call early, to let me know your intentions. – Peter Munn 204 237-1805.

The Texas Scramble is one of the most popular tournament formats in golf. Frequently used in informal events and even pro golf tournaments, the Texas Scramble offers numerous formats for fun-loving golfers and those who have not been out on the links for years. All offer a combination of strategy, camaraderie, skill, and heartbreak.

All are fun if played in the right spirit. The format became widely known as the Texas Scramble as it flourished in Texas during the Depression and attained great popularity in Las Vegas in the 1950s. It has become a staple of charity events and pro-am tournaments and was played a lot on the LPGA tour.

The teams must win both local and regional elimination tournaments to qualify for the national event.

Basic Format

The Texas Scramble’s basic format is simple and straightforward. Each player hits a tee shot. The best ball, as determined by the captain, is selected for the second shot. Each member of the team hits his or her shot from that spot. The process continues until the hole is played out. Over the years several variations of this format have evolved.

Playing a Texas Scramble is a great way to spend a nice day on the course and a good way of generating money for a charity, starting the golf season off, or finishing league play. [More online]

We look forward to seeing a lot of our DUCW members out for this annual gathering, with special encouragement to those who have not joined us in the past, and even ones who are quite new to golf. It’s all fun!

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