Southern Yarn August – September 2019

The Southern Yarn August-September 2019

The Southern Yarn for August – September of 2019 is released with a bit of sadness, as it marks the first issue after the passing of Gordon Keatch, the person behind the creation of the Down Under Club of Winnipeg. 

Lots of other news in this issue, and mark your calendars with the events coming up, including the golf tournament this month!

You can explore previous issues of the Yarn on our page dedicated to the current and back issues.

Here’s the Editorial from this issue: 

Most members will know by now of the passing, on June 25th, of one of the Club’s founding members, Gordon Keatch,. It was sad news, though not totally surprising after his fall and with an “odometer” that had already clicked past 95. Our events will not be the same without his presence, especially our ANZAC Day commemoration, at which Gordon performed Parade Marshall duties for as long as I have known him. I was honored when he approached me to take that role on after last year. And he was there this year to coach and guide me, and to read the Requiem. Future events will now have special and more personal significance for all of us – we will remember.

Thanks to Jenny Gates for her contribution and tribute to GK on page 6. Margaret and Peter Munn spent some time recently in Ontario and Margaret kindly sent in a great story of her surprise find – New Zealand themed quilts – you can read that on p. 5

Birds I view, p.8, is a personal account of a close encounter of the bird kind …. Thank you to all our other contributors, Peter, Judy, Catherine, Murray, Malcolm, and sponsors.

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