Laurie Morris

Though Laurie was born in Canada, she holds dual Citizenship with New Zealand.

She was born in Brockville, Ontario, and took her elementary schooling in Maynard and Prescott.

Laurie was on a holiday in New Zealand about 30 years ago when she subsequently met a kiwi and married where she resided for almost a decade.

In December 2011, Laurie went back to NZ for a month. She was in Christchurch when earthquakes hit again. She was also in Kekerengu, Papatowai, Invercargil and Queenstown. Not all quakes are felt but it made the front page of the Christchurch Press.

She joined the DUCW in 2007.

Laurie plans to go back to New Zealand again.

Brad Pitt is portraying Laurie’s mom’s Great Great Great Grandfather Samuel Bass in the up coming movie 12 years a Slave based on the book written by Solomon Northup in 1853 upon his liberation from slavery. He shared his situation to Bass in confidence, risking serious consequences and Bass contacted through letters to his family.

“Mom and my Aunty are the oldest living direct descendants of Bass and were interviewed recently by a Brad Pitt representative with a camera crew”, says Laurie. The book is an interesting and verified history pre-dating the civil war in the states, and is available free online.

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