Wendy and Darryl Shave

Like many DUCW members, the Shaves have travelled the world – a lot!

Wendy comes from the Waihi area of New Zealand, on the North Island’s east coast, south of Auckland. She attended Waihi School from primary to high school, and Hamilton Polytechnic for a three-year course in marketing. It was then off to UK for three years of working and travelling – Europe, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco. Once back in NZ (Auckland this time) she worked two years in marketing.

Wendy was attracted back to UK, and went from there to South America – Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia where she volunteered in an animal sanctuary (native and exotic). It was there she met Darryl. After three months in South America together they moved to Sydney for about half a year before moving to Wellington, NZ.

Darryl was born in Winnipeg and graduated from Transcona Collegiate. He attended University of Manitoba for three years, then started working in the family business, Valour Tri West Insurance Brokers. He remains in this job today, having worked there for approximately 17 years.

After getting a taste of travel when he went to Europe before university, he decided to do some more travelling in 2004. He took a six-month leave of absence from work and went to South America – Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia where he met Wendy. After traveling around for a further three months, he returned to Winnipeg briefly before meeting up with Wendy in Sydney then moving on to Wellington together.

A talented musician, Darryl plays guitar, drums and sings and is currently in a band with a group of friends he’s been in various bands with off and on for the last 20 years. A good Canadian, he likes hockey!

The Shaves have three children now – Stella, 4, and 2 year old twins with the delightful names of Poppy and Zoe, who were born in New Zealand just before they moved to Canada two years ago. With three kids under the age of five, Wendy has her hands full and doesn’t have much time for extra-curricula activities. When she does get out, she loves walking, dancing, going out with friends and baking.

They have been DUCW members for about a year, hearing about the Club through Lynley Davidson.

Maybe we’ll have a chance to meet all five at our kids’ Christmas Party in December.

Gordon Keatch

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