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Bushfires rage on

Fires continue to devastate bushland and homes across much of NSW Australia. In fact, the fires extend as far south as Canberra and beyond, and up to the Gold Coast of Queensland in the north.

Here is an interactive map:

Smoke is very noticeable in many areas and is impacting air quality.

The Sydney Morning Herald is giving free access to all fire related news.


Cliffy as character

Here’s another great item from Michael Madigan, the writer from Brisbane who is frequently featured in the Winnipeg Free Press. A lad from the farm stunned elite runners with his amazing fitness, winning the gruelling 875 km race. A true Aussie yarn worth telling in print, and now on the screen.

BRISBANE — In 1983, a 61-year-old Australian farmer won the Sydney to Melbourne ultra-marathon and the nation fell in love with its own Forrest Gump. Continue reading

Globe on Aussie economy

An interesting article in today’s Globe and Mail, if you are interested in Australian-Canadian economic perspectives. Check it out here.

There are even some cool info graphics showing the dollar comparisons and other economic comparison factors.