The adventure of a lifetime!

In January 2011, brothers Greg and Barrie Bryan became the first people to complete a full re-enactment of Henry Lawson’s 1893 trek from Bourke, NSW to Hungerford on the QLD border and back. In total, they walked more than 450km in 15 days. And last year, they set a new challenge – to retrace the walk Henry Lawson completed with his great mate, Jim Gordon, to the historic Toorale Woolshed.

Back at our January meeting, the DUCW thoroughly enjoyed Greg’s presentation about that walk and were able to purchase copies of his book “To Hell & High Water: Walking in the Footsteps of Henry Lawson”, 2012.

For more info on this fascinating adventure, visit Greg’s website and read the article in Australian Geographic.

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  1. Hydesmith

    It was really great meeting Greg and his family at the DUCW event. We bought a copy of his book and look forward to meeting them again and hearing more stories of this and other adventures.

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