NZ Quiz Stumpers

The trivia questions at the recent DUCW Waitangi & Australia Day club event had most of us scratching our heads. See how you do with these Kiwi questions. Ready to get started?

  1. Who was the first European known to have sighted New Zealand, and which country was he from?
  2. Where is the “art deco” capital of NZ?
  3. How long is NZ’s coastline? (5, 15, 25, or 35 thousand kms)
  4. Gumboot Day is held in which city?
  5. How many native snake species are in NZ?
  6. Whose likeness is on the NZ $5 bill.
  7. How long is 90 Mile Beach, N of Waitangi?
  8. Foveaux Strait is the source of which seafood delicacy?
  9. What is the name of the largest fjord in NZ?
  10. Which clothing item symbolizes the America’s Cup win of 1995?
  11. What is the Cherry capital of NZ?
  12. Who said “New Zealanders who leave for Australia raise the IQs of both countrties”?
  13. How many NZ-bred winners have there been in the Melbourne Cup?
  14. In 1973, where was a temperature of 42.4ºC recorded?


  1. Abel Tasman, from The Netherlands.
  2. Napier
  3. 15,000 km
  4. Taihape
  5. None
  6. Sir Edmund Hillary
  7. 55 miles long
  8. Bluff Oysters
  9. Dusky Sound
  10. Red Socks
  11. Cromwell
  12. Robert Muldoon
  13. 42 horses
  14. Rangiora, Feb. 1973

So, how did you do?

We’ll put the Australian questions in another post.

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