Aussie Quiz Stumpers

The 2014 Australia and Waitangi Days celebration at the Down Under Club included a trivia contest that had most of us scratching our heads more than we would care to admit. See how you fare with these. Answers are at the bottom. No peeking!

Let’s get started.

  1. Who was the most recent Australian winner of Wimbledon singles?
  2. Which Australian male swimmer has most Olympic gold medals?
  3. What was Sir Donald Bradman’s Test battling average, within 1?
  4. How many countries have a greater land area than Australia’s?
  5. In what state/territory was a temperature of 50.7 degrees Celcius in the shade recorded?
  6. Who is the only person to be names both Young Australian, and Australian of the year?
  7. Which band received Australian of the Year award?
  8. What animal is on the West Australian flag?
  9. What is the world’s largest sand island?
  10. Who designed the Sydney Opera House
  11. Where was Ned Kelly’s last stand?
  12. Who was Australia’s first aboriginal senator?
  13. How many ships were in The First Fleet?
  14. What is the highest grossing Australian movie?
  15. The landmark Katu Tjuta is also know as what?
  16. When is the Melbourne Cup run?
  17. How many million jars of Vegemite are sold in a year? (12, 22, 32, 52 or 82?)

So, feel like checking the answers?

  1. Lleyton Hewitt
  2. Murray Rose
  3. 99.94
  4. Five (Russia, Canada, China, USA and Brazil)
  5. Oodnadatta (SA) in 1960
  6. Cathy Freeman
  7. The Seekers
  8. Black Swan
  9. Fraser Island (QLD)
  10. Joern Utzon (Denmark)
  11. Glenrowan Vic.
  12. Neville Bonner
  13. Eleven ships
  14. Crocodile Dundee
  15. The Olgas (NT)
  16. First Tuesday in November
  17. 22 Million

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