Manitoba lamb

Are you interested in a local source of lamb for your freezer? Whole lambs, prepared to your order, are available at the beginning of each winter from Manitoba lamb producer Susan Proven.

We have been buying one lamb annually for our freezer for many years now, from a producer we know located north of Minnedosa. There is considerable comfort in knowing where your meat comes from, and knowing it was ethically raised, and prepared to order.

We’ve feel fortunate to enjoy Manitoba-raised lamb throughout the winter, and summer barbecues. We have a chest freezer that accommodates our lamb (along with turkeys, pies, and a quarter of grass-fed beef that is due to arrive this month as well!)

It is only available once a year, and this is the time. Usually, they only have enough lamb for their regular customers, but sometimes there a a few more than other years, and so Susan has asked whether the DUCW members would be interested.

A lamb usually weighs out at 40 to 50 pounds, dressed. The charge is $6.00 per pound, but on top of that there is a processing charge of about a $1.00 a pound. So, depending on the size of the lamb, you’re looking at $300 for a box of lamb that you can meter out

The meat is due to be delivered to customers around Dec. 1st.

If you are interested, please contact me, Brian Hydesmith, at 204-487-0067 and I can pass on the details to the producer.

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  1. Hydesmith Post author

    The lamb disappeared so quickly that we were too late for this year. Maybe autumn 2016 will work out for any new customers come from the the Down Under Club.

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