Sept-Oct edition of the Southern Yarn

The September October edition of The Southern Yarn is available for your reading pleasure. Yes, it’s later than we hoped, but some great content in there as usual!

It’s also on the Yarn page.

And here is Charlie’s editorial to get you started:

As we remind readers, from time to time, most of the founding members of the Down Under Club of Winnipeg ended up here as a result of their involvement in WWII. More specifically, most had come here for air and navigation training, under the Commonwealth Air Training Plan, before being shipped on to more active duty. Then, having survived, they returned to their Canadian sweethearts who were waiting.

So, again, in this issue are included a couple of airman stories – some from WWI, and some from WWII.

Also, the usual roundup of Club activities and other bits of news we hope you will find interesting and informative. Be sure to mark the Calendar events in your diaries and note that if you plan to attend the “Not-so-Formal Dinner” you are encouraged to invite/bring a friend(s). Actually, that applies to all Cub events, although you likely won’t get many takers for the AGM.

Thanks again to all who have contributed to this issue – keep the suggestions and articles coming.


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