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Yarn June 2015

Yarn-2015-JuneIconThe June 2015 issue of The Southern Yarn is available for download now!

Note: the upcoming pool party is on Sunday, not Saturday. The earlier version of the Yarn had the wrong day listed. The issue on the site is now correct.

Inside you’ll find details in upcoming events, an interesting DUCW member’s connection to the infamous Ned Kelly, and a cover story about next month’s Aussie contributions to the lineup at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Download it at our Yarn page, or click on the image on the right, or use the link below:


Yarn April 2015


Yarn April 2015

The April 2015 issue of The Southern Yarn is ready for you to download in PDF form. In this issue we feature extra pages and details about the special Anzac Day ceremony on April 25th, where we mark 100 years since the ill-fated landing of New Zealnad and Australian soldiers at Gallipoli. Read this along with our favourite sections, news updates and more.

We look forward to most of the club members, along with many special guests, on April 25th at the Anzac Day ceremony.