Christmas party

The big turnout at the DUCW Christmas party 2013

The big turnout at the DUCW Christmas party 2013

The annual Christmas party last night was a delight as usual. It was very chilly outside but inside we had a large turnout of more than 40 people, including a dozen little kids who hopped up on Santa’s lap to receive special presents. If you would like to see some photos, sample the food, and to hear about 2014, read on for the details. 


Santa loves all the children.

Santa loves all the children.

Just follow this link [] or click on the photo (right) and you can look through a selection of the photos from the evening on the site.

If one or more appeals to you, and you would like larger versions sent to you via email, call Brian at 204-487-0067 and quote the frame number of the image and your email address.

He can also order prints for you of any size and you can pick them up at any branch of Don’s Photo or Black’s Photo. Call Brian for details.


The range of dishes was once again terrific, from family favourite casseroles and salads, to roast turkey and even a delicious selection of desserts. We appreciate each dish people contributed and are always amazed at how we end up with just the right amount and variety of food for our gatherings.

next year

If you have any suggestions on how the events in 2014 can be even more rewarding for members, please let us know. You can even comment on this posting. And keep in mind that we are still encouraging someone to come forward to take up the reins as SOCIAL COORDINATOR, a fun and exciting opportunity to add some fresh ideas to the mix and help these regular events take place.

Merry Christmas and a terrific entry into 2014 to everyone.

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