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Alex and Tom

Like most of our members, Alex has been around – a lot! Her father worked for an American bank and was in Switzerland when she was born. He was transferred to Italy, Egypt and Holland, and then to Sydney.

Alex took her primary schooling at various overseas locations, and secondary at Ravenswood in Sydney. She has a Diploma in Tourism and Human Resources (HR), and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. She worked as a French Language teacher at a private school in Sydney for two years. Then it was five months backpacking to Nepal and Europe before returning to Sydney in time for the Olympics. She volunteered with the French team in translation and administration work. She did similar duties with the Uruguayan team in the Paralympics.

Alex stayed in Sydney for four years working for Qantas in their catering division – with trips to Asia, Europe, and all over Australia. In 2006, she went for a holiday to South America, and liked it so much that she stayed for 16 months, living and working in Ecuador. It was then back to London for three years at the Tate Gallery in the catering department before returning to Sydney via India for four months. She then got work with Medibank as an HR specialist for 18 months.

And why Canada, or particularly Winnipeg? Her boyfriend, Tom, lives here. (Love conquers all!) Their families knew each other years ago in Cairo. Alex arrived here last October and has finally obtained a work permit. She starts a new job soon with Macdonald Youth Services in their HR department.

Alex is an avid knitter – jumpers, scarves, etc., and also makes cheese, body lotions, and balms, etc.

The DUCW connection partly came about through a net search that led her to our website, but Alex also currently volunteers at the Winnipeg Art Gallery with Deloree McCallum, who is a fellow Toastmaster with Jenny Gates. Small world!

Alex and Tom are looking forward to joining us on ANZAC Day.

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